Maitreya: Spring Collection 2009

Maitreya - Spring CollectionListen up, girls, Maitreya just released the new spring collection. Woo hoo.  Of course i went to the shop and got had to get this great top as well as the mini skirt. (To enlarge just click the picture.)

The top has positive and negative sides to it.
Positive: It just looks great. One of the best sculptured clothing objects I have seen. Finally a top that actually sits “normal” and does not make your avatar look like its wearing a vakuum top – exposing your breasts unnaturally.
Negative: It only looks fine as long as u either wear no AO or use the integrated AO. As soon as you wear an AO that makes u move a bit more or dance a dance that has a lot of movement… the prim top just looks funny moving around.
Aww well, I guess there is always a catch in looking good. ;-)

I really love the jeans mini-skirt though. Well made and just pretty. Ready for spring? You bet!

Go visit Maitreya Main Store in World:

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