Freebie Sale by Peppermint Blue – Limited Time

Get this!

I just realised that I forgot to post anything about this great sale. Pepermint Blue is having a limited time freebie sale. It runs till May 10th, 2009 and a absolutely must do!

I'm outta here

There are lots of freebie outfits and funny enough, some even come with the complete set a girl may need. (Skin, shape, hair, shoes…) In my pictures I not wearing the hair, shapes and skins in the box though.

OMG - How did I get here?

But everything else you can see in the picture is with the outfits. Even those hot white boots or the nice prim belt with the water bottle.

Can I sneak off? ;-)

Lots more outfits available at the store – I only had time to make pictures of a view.
Go visit the shop while it is still up!

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