What are Lucky Chairs or Midnight Mania?

Okay, let’s face it… we all like to collect things. The less it costs the more we like it. :-)
Two things of really gathering up stuff for free is using the Lucky Chairs or the Midnight Mania boards. So how does that work?

Midnight Mania

In order to attract people many shops will put up these devices to give out stuff for free. A Lucky Chair will contain one or serveral items and gives out one item at a time. It will show you a letter, e.g. “A” and an amount of time. If your name starts with that letter you get the Lucky Chair item/prize by just sitting on it in time. If noone matching sits on it during that time, the letter will change after the time runs up.

(By the way there are also chairs out there that will give you the contained item after having sat long enough on them. Which can be anywhere form 5 mins to 3h… or even more. So you’re actually “earning” the item. The text surrounding the chair will give you the time needed and also counts it down for you while you sit on it.)

With the Midnight Mania Boards it works a little differently.
These boards are set up at stores to actually gather up a certain amount of people. The owner of the board defines how many people must hit the board and sign up in order for the prize to be delivered to the participants at midnight. Hence the name: Midnight Mania. So the trick is to sign up to many boards and just wait to the next day to see what actually made it to your inventory. (If you want something really badly, you should have your friends hit the board as well so the number of people necessary can be reached more likely.)

Something differnt are the Mob Vend boards. These are set up with a specific item and the regular purchase price goes down the more people stand in reach at the same time. You bascially decide when to buy at what price. The more people you gather around you, the less it will cost.

So why do shop owners use these devices? Because they want you to come and see their shop and eventually buy something else while your there. But even if you just teleport in and out again and not buy anything your of use. The more people teleport to a shop the higher the ranking of the shop will go up in the “Search” location menu on Second Life. Lots of traffic indicates that the shop is “important” and therefore more vital to whatever you where searching for.
Therefore the owner benefits from you coming to the shop no matter what.

How do you find Lucky Chairs and Midnight Mania boards?Well, I was told that there tools out there that track them down and you just TP then, do your thing and are off to the next. I prefer using Groups. Open the “Search” option, select “Groups” and search. “Midnight Mania Hunters“, “Give it away” or “Lucky Chair Stalkers” are just a few you can search for.

Beware of two things though… :-)
Signing up to those Groups will make you dizzy after a while, cause your constantly getting group messages… secondly you will stuff your inventory with loads of stuff and last…. not everything that you win will be of good quality. Some put in stuff you would not want even as a freebie. Just because its free, does not mean it has to be bad.
So always check the stuff you win and delete it if you don’t like it! Keep your inventory sorted! *lol*

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