1 Linden Skins @ Ashia Designs

Looking for a cheap way to change your looks? How about an almost freebie skin then?

Ashia Designs - Almost Free Skins

Okay, one can argue about the quality of these skins. Nevertheless Ashia Designs is currents making all of their skins available for 1 Lindendollar each. Come on. That is not to bad.
That way you always have something in the inventory depending on the occasion. (So that’s why I got this gothic skin… in case I get invited to a vampire party. ^^)

Keep in mind though that chaning skin is not just changing the looks of the color of the skin but might actually make your facial appearances look different. So, if you already have a nice skin that you want to keep on wearing regularly and which looks nice on you… dont try to change your shape just to look good with the “just for an evening” skin. (Or if you do, save the shape under a different unique name so you don’t get mixed up.)

To go to Ashia Designs in world:


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