Almost Free Dress by A Piece of Candy

10L$ Dress by A Piece of Candy

Looking for a nice classy dress? How about this one? It’s called “A Piece of Candy – Seleena”.

The dress comes in two versions. With a long and a short skirt. Beware – when you teleport in the store – the dress is available in two colors. Only the pink version is L$10!

10L$ Dress by A Piece of Candy

It’s a nice dress for a fun or romantic evening. However – as the red version costs L$ 250, i do wonder, if the seamlines are the same as for the pink. Maybe they look a bit more even on a flatter shape. On mine the seamlines are a bit uneven. Nothing that I mind for L$ 10, but I would probably not be too super happy if it was L$ 250.

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