Lots of Freebies by Lapointe & BastChild

Lapointe & BastChild - Freebies

Again I need to thank wonderful Monte Teardrop for having found this awsome freebie place! (Join her group – it’s worth it!)

Lapointe & BastChild is a Second Life Label with lots and lots of clothing on regular sale. However, they do have something really, really great: A freebie section!
Great freebies of all sorts. Women clothing, men clothing, some boots and jewelry for both sexes.

Lapointe & BastChild - Freebies

Check out the place in world and don’t forget to join Monte’s Group!

Lapointe & BastChild Store:

Join Monte Teardrop’s Group “FreeBox”:

One Comment

  1. Lapointe & Bastchild is my favourite SL store.

    The freebies are of better quality than a lot of outfits from other stores costing L$300+!!

    Also the owners are wonderful. I was a little lost in the store, (the place is huge, 3 sims i think) and was looking for the mens wedding outfits for my upcoming nuptials. Paul Bastchild was in the store working, and I asked him where the wedding stuff was, he pointed me in the right direction, and i mentioned to him that L&B was my favourite store as quality menswear is almost impossible to find in SL. Anyways, 5 mins later, he drops a L$1000 giftcard on me!! – more than enough to cover the cost of my wedding suit (which looks stunning btw). i don’t know if it because i was wearing my fave L&B outfit at the time or what, but this random act of generosity was wonderful, and shows that there are still some genuine people in SL. I can’t reccomend L&B enough, very few stores come close to the quality (Avid & KC would be close). And for mens, top class.

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