Great Frilled Mini Dress – L$ 12!

Frilled Sheer Dress - L$12

Good quality items don’t have to be expensive – when you know your way around! :-) This dress is a great promo item for a very limited time.

Currently this dress is up for only L$12. The normal price is L$ 199 – so don’t hesitate too long, it might soon be that expensive. Gumi’s Bad Box has already once increased the price from L$10 to L$12.

By the way, the picture was taken by Midge Quan – a self-portrait. :-)
Thankfully she was willing to be my “tool” as I am currently not able to go into Second Life since my other half keeps blocking it. *lol*
Thank you, Midge!

There are two ways of purchasing this dress…. either visit the store in world or buying it on Xstreet SL.

To visit the store in World click here:

Click here to directly buy it from Xstreet SL:
Frilled Dress by Gumi’s Bad Box

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