New Second Life Clothing Freebies found!


A miricale happend… I actually caught a spare moment and was able to go on Second Life! Yay. And guess what I did? Of course – I was hunting freebies. So watch out gals and keep reading. :-)

I don’t even know if that shop has a name – probably not. However since that shop is closing in a week they are kicking out almost everything for L$1 each.
(Though I must admitt that I don’t know if most of the stuff is freebie stuff at other places anyway.)

As always not all of the stuff that is for sale is extrodinary – however for L$1 each there is not a lot that you can do wrong by all means. Let me show you a couple nice examples I picked up. (I picked up more, but was chaised off SL by a demanding attention seeking voice. ^^)


This outfit above comes with the gloves, skirt, top, stockings, the boots AND the bag! I must admitt that I absolutely love the bag. It has all kinds of stuff dangeling out of it – everything a gal needs! ;)
The skirt prims are a bit strange – but hey for 1 Linden … it’s worth it!


I really like this sporty turtle neck outfit. It looks quite posh and well done. The outfit comes with the top including the prim turtle neck, the belty thing, the leggins and those ankle warmers. Absolutely adorable. A nice enrichment for every inventory out there.


Last but not least this autum dress. I really like it, but it does have some oddity to it, when you put it on.


So… unless you know how to adjust and edit things (edit linked parts) or unless your avatar has a huge butt… don’t bother with it? *lol*
I somehow got the impression that the creator of the skirt did not really know much about creating prim skirts. The upper edges were hanging out of my avatar like mad and simply resizing took the of course the beauty of the length of the skirt away too. So, what you want to do is wear it, go into edit mode and edit the linked parts of the skirt. That way you can adjust each skirt prim seperately according to your body.
Don’t worry – in case u mess it up… remember it was only one Linden after all.

By the way – the store closes down in a week – so hurry!
And way more important and interesting: All the outfits I saw were tranferable! (No copy, but mod and transfer.)
So in case you have a friend that needs an outfit… you can actually get it for her and then just pass it on to her! Yay.

Visit the shop in Second Life:

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