Freebie Clothing at Magi Take

Magi Freebies

Have you ever asked yourself why some creators demand tons of Lindens for their items while others are very moderate in their pricing? Or even weirder – why we consumers don’t value a excellent freebie not nearly as much as something of the same quality that costs an almost insane amount of Lindens?

So for all of you that love freebies check out Magi Take! Magi Take sells everything to a moderate price starting at L$5 – from Sneakers to pants. Upstairs you will find a wal with lots and lots of freebies.

To get the freebies, join the group first. Only group members can get them. Hit the group picture on the wall and follow the instructions. After that the freebies are yours to take. :)

Magi Freebies

I picked up this prim skirt, the sneakers, a purple leather jacket, a purple coat and the hat. (The hat comes with attached hair in two colors.)
There are a lot more freebies on that wall. So don’t hesitate to visit the store inworld and check it out yourself!


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