Freebie Opening Gift Dress

Freebie Dress

Don’t you just love Second Life? There you are walking around the corner and boom… a great freebie! You have to admitt it looks great or?

This freebie is a gift for a store opening actually – Lika Ruby. So make sure you TP in and have a good look! The dress is absolutely lovely. The seamlines are great – meaning no opacity grey layer shadow at all. The dress comes with two skirt lengths, prim ribbons for the sides and a prim collar. Way to go!

I know, not everyone likes it so colorful but truely – it’s well made, it’s fresh and it’s for free. Who am I to complain?
So, remember to pick up this lovely opening gift and let me know how you like it. Leave a comment, drop a note. :-)

To visit Lika Ruby’s Shop inworld click:

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