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Pink Retro Outfit

Do you know “Vidal Fashion”? If not you should really go and have a look. I went there because of a tip Monte gave me and I found so much more than I expected!

Originally Monte sent me there to get a free outfit – I guess it’s a one day only offer… you join their group, buy your outfit and get your money back from the owner sitting at the cash register. :-)
Again, I think it is only like that today. I picked up this wonderful pink Retro Outfit that usually costs 150 Linden.

Vidal Fashion also has some regular freebies for 1 Linden. This sporty outfit being one of them. Not bad or?
Freebie Sporty Outfit

As I was standing there I had a little chat with one of the owners, which I found absolutely interesting! Who would ever have guessed… Vidal Fashion is part of a dutch project of a private person trying to raise money for indonesian children. Short term goal is to be able to support 10 families and later maybe more. The money is also supposed to give these kids an education and perspective for their future, e.g. become grafic designers.

So buying items from Vidal Fashion will not only improve your Second Life wardrobe by a great deal but also let’s u do a good deed at the same time. :-)

Go to “Vidal Fashion” inworld:

To join their group, click this link inworld:

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  1. Aw, Does Vidal fashion have any men’s clothing, or is it just for women. I think that’s really nice that they’re raising money for Indonesian children… :D yay to the future!

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