Freebie Dresses by Sascha’s Designs


Okay girls, this is something you really do not want to miss! If you ever wanted to have great and free dress gowns then this is what you want to look at! Keep Reading and find out more.

Do you know “Sascha’s Design”? Probably not. One can walk through Second Life and never discover the nicest places ever. “Sascha’s Design” actually is a fashion label selling classy dress gowns. But guess what, as many places in Second Life “Sascha’s Designs” has a fancy little freebie section!


Every month Sascha’s Designs puts out a different Freebie Dress out. Look at the pictures to get an impression of what you can expect picking up the freebies in the store. You will not only find the current freebie of the month but also of the past months.
What do you need to do to get the freebies? Not much! Simply teleport to the shop inworld, go to the back of the shop, join the group and pick up the freebies you desire most! :-)
Be honest – don’t they look great?




To visit the store in Second Life:

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