iPhones, iPods & Macs in Second Life

My 1st iPhone

It’s incredible how realistic Second Life can be. Even in this virtual world Apple has found its way in and people love their little gadgets just as much as in real life.

So this is for all iPod, iPhone, iMac and whatnot Apple lovers out there – you are not alone! Second Life has many groups all around Apple products. Fans that share their love with the little stylish items. Modern, trendy, hot and a must have – online and offline.

What Mac is mine?

I went to an Apple store inworld and had a good look around. You can basically get everything you little heart desires. Pimp your avatar with an iPod or an iPhone. Whereas offline your bound to an exclusive mobile provider anyone can afford a virtual iPhone. ;-)
It’s a nice gadget and for true Apple fans an absolute must have!

iPods in Second Life

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