Freebie Group Gift Shoes

Freebie Shoes!

If you are into shoes than Baby Monkey is definetely a place you want to visit in Second Life. Wonder why?

Well, first of all, when you join the Baby Monkey Group in Second Life you get these two pairs of high heels as group gifts. I absolutely love the green pair. It comes with actual prim toes. Don’t they look remarkable? Really delicate. With toe ring even. Enclosed with the shoes comes a little notecard on how to tint the color of the feet according to your actual skin tone. (I must admitt that I did not bother to read it. ;-)

The second pair is a white set of plateau high heels. Once rezzed completely they look cool, but boy oh boy… they take forever to rez right and then also u really have to zoom in close for them to look good. From afar they don’t look to hot. Let me quote my better half: “Take those things off – you look like your standing in sculpted poop.”
Well, so much for that. :-) Give it a try. Maybe I was on a very bad grid and we had to many packet losses.

Anyway, – joinging their Second Life Baby Monkey Group has also a different benefit. On most items you get a group discount! YAY! All Shoes have by default a decent pricing – I think. Prices vary from 75 Linden to 250 Linden Dollars. On Shoes above 100 Linden you can get a 50% discount!
Hellooooo…. girrrls… what can you possibly loose by joining? :-)

I got two other pairs of heels there too and they look absolutely fabulous! Love them. Believe me… I have spend a lot more money on shoes elsewhere only to discover that the picture on the vendor could not by far keep the promise it made.
Give it a go. Check the place out and see for yourself if you like it. ;-)

To visit the shop inworld go here:

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