Sexy Black Dollarbie Dress by Vidal Fashion

Freebie Outfit & Freebie Skin

Just as criminals always return to their crime scene – fashion junkies do just the same. So yes… I returned to Vidal Fashion and picked up some new Outfits for my endlessly growing wardrobe. A Black Sexy Freebie Dress, a Silver Sexy Cocktail Dress and a very nice Bikini. (Not to forget the fabulous Freebie Skin I picked up along the way.)

The Black Mini Dress is a Dollarbie right in the Vidal Fashion Shop. Hard to fail. As I mentioned in one of my earlier postings Vidal is a dutch project with a very honorable aim. All the people involved with Vidal raise money with their work to support Indonesian families and want to teach Indonesian youths how to use the computer in order to make a living out of it – giving them a perspective in life.

Sexy Cocktail Dress & Freebie Skin

So of course one is just really really tempted to buy off the whole shop – after all the earnings go into a good project. :-) And the quality is really nice… besides the prices being very reasonable. Really. Go check out yourself!

Sexy Bikini & Freebie Skin

All Clothing worn in the pictures by Vidal Fashion!

Skin worn: “Aida” by Lara Skins (Limited 1L$ Freebie Offer)

Tattoo and Jewelry by Aqua Boogie:

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