High Quality Designer Gifts @ Fabulous Fashion TV

High Quality Designer Freebies & Gifts

Girls, bare with me. I’m in the middle of moving in real life and therefore have barely time and nerves to go into Second Life nor to post more regularly. :-) So let me point out something I wrote about before. Fabulous Fashion TV is a great option to gather high quality designer gifts.

Fabulous Fashion TV has dedicated itself to show good designers and their collection to the SL public. They broadcast regularly fashion shows, specials and interviews. Sign up for the group and follow the instruction to be updated.
When you teleport to the studio its very likely that you will be landing outside the building. Take the stairs into the Foyer and keep on going into the studio itself. To your lef you will find the Gift boards.

Most of the time the boxes will not show what is inside, but if you watched the show you will know and if you did not you will like whatever is inside – like Christmas! Be surprised by the quality of the gifts that you will get.

High Quality Designer Freebies & Gifts


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