Winning 1000L in Nyte’N’Day Store Poster Contest

Hey Girls, thank you so much for bearing with me. Moving in real life is so much more complicated than in Second Life. *lol* It took longer than expected and was a lot more exhausting than wished, but… I made it. Yay! It’s finally done.

Anyway, guess how surprised I was when I got back online and found out that I was one of the winners of the Nyte’N’Day Poster Store Contest.  Pretty cool I tell you. The next winner of 1000 Linden Dollars could be you!

Nyte’N’Day is a Second Life Fashion label run by Nyte Caligari. Over the years I have gathered several outfits at Nyte’N’Day and last time I went there I got this sexy blacky called “Dyadic”. It’s absolutely lovely.

As I was looking around the store I noticed the great posters hanging around and saw a board saying Store Poster Contest. To summerize it short:

Take a picture of you wearing a Nyte’N’Day outfit, join the contest group on flickr and upload the picture into the group. Nyte picks the winners herself and each winner gets 1000 Linden prize money! Woohoo! 

So don’t hesitate. If I can do it, so do you! Go visit Nyte’N’Day inworld and pick up the notecard with the rulings or visit the Nyte’N’Day Blog and read it there: Poster Contest Rules.

Good luck to ya all!

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