Sexy Affordable Beachwear – Swimsuits and more

Second Life - Bikini

Have you ever been on a beach in Second Life and asked yourself how some avatars seems to be shinier and glossier than others? Almost like they applied oil on their skin. The secret is the in the beachwear itself. Don’t believe it? Go on reading – cause some bikinis and swimsuits bear a great secret in them. Pimp your skin easily – by choosing the right swimwear!

Seriously, you can pimp your complete body skin by wearing an additional clothing layer that is shiny. For example “Nyoko’s Wears” has specialized in that. You can get tasteful swimsuits and bikinis there that bring the additional gloss to your legs and arms. Actually she even has that body oil without clothing too. From a mild shinyness to an extreme shinyness – whatever your heart desires. For both genders.

Beachwear by Nyoko's Wears

Standing in the shop long enough you can even get lucky winning something! I went there several times and won all in all 3 items. This sexy swimsuit being one of them. The shop picks random winners from time to time and passes out gifts. Checking the store out is definatly a good idea. All items can either be purchased copy or transfer. Take a close look at the boards. They will show you exactly what they contain.

But guess what – even in real life you can look awsome in swimsuits.
Great swimsuits and swimwear for every taste and every size!

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