Visiting the Greenies in Second Life!

Visiting the Greenies

Taking some time off SL is a wonderful thing to do – especially since exploring can be so much more afterwards. Have you ever visited the Greenies in Second Life? If not – you definetly should! The Greenies are little green aliens that invaded a huge, giant house!

Seriously that house is enormous. Every regular avatar appears mouse-sized in comparision. Over several joned sims a huge living room with kitchen is ready to be explored. Take your time to roam around and discover all the fun places provided. You’ll be surprised and amused.

Great place to have fun at and to take seriously deadly cute pictures at. Have your own photo session at the Greenies and upload them on flickr to the Greenie Group. Share with us your freakiest snapshots! Get your freak out. ;-)

Visiting the Greenies

Visiting the Greenies

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