Sexy Tiger Outfit by FA Creations

Leo Dress - 199L$

Actually the title of the outfit is a bit misleading since the pattern of the dress is not tigeresque but clearly leopard – BUT nevertheless this is one hell of a bargain for 199 L$. ;)

This dress is not only sexy but surprises with all the additional things included. For those with a severe fashion addiction the outfit is a must. Everything I am wearing in the picture is included. We are talking dress, jacket, necklace and braceletts!

I love wearing the complete outfit and am more than satisfied by its quality. The jacket is sculpted and highly detailed and the necklace and braceletts are really an eye catcher that also go well with any other outfit. Be creative. :)

Leo Dress - 199L$

Did you get curious? Then visit FA Creations in-world and have a look around and be sure to take your wallet with you! ;)

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