Indyra Originals: Adriatic (Blue) for 300L$

Indyra Originals: Adriatic - Blue

Indyra Originals is a Second Life Fashion Label that came quite a way. Over the years I have gladly been retourning to its store from time to time and picked up a little something. I thought forever if I really needed this dress – I don’t but I had to have it anyway! ;)

TP to the Indyra Originals store and you will be surprised by its highly designed interieur as well as the different high quality fashion items. This dress is called “Adriatic” and is always black. The different colors that can be aquired refer to the belt color, which you can choose. The single dress can already be bought for 300 Lindens.

Indyra Originals: Adriatic - Blue

The pictures were taken at VeGeTaL PLaNeT. (Actually my roomie Mr. Andretti recommended it to me for fotoshoots and I gladly share. :)) The whole area is glowing with wonderful funky plants and effects. Also the underwater world is worth looking at, make sure not to miss it.

To visit Indyra Originals in-world:

To visit VeGeTaL PLaNeT inworld:

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