Cool Accessoires by Loka Design

Accessoires by Loka Design

Last time I visited Loka Design was over a year ago, so naturally it was about time to pay another visit. ;) Loka has all kinds of different stuff and among a small but very special jewellry/accessoire section. One of the things I still like are the lip piercings for couples. One partner gets to wear a mini locket and the other the matching key. Really, really cute partner piercings for 123 L$.

But let’s talk about the things I am wearing in the picture. (To enlarge it and get a full detailed look, click the picture!)
LipPiercing: Fishbone Lippiercing 150 L$
Earrings: Mini Handcuff Earrings 175 L$
Necklace: Candy Necklace (plus scripted Lollipop) 80 L$

In the picture below I am also wearing the Baby Panda Loka has. It comes with a scripted hat to change the colors and textures. Baby Panda for 115 L$.

Accessoires by Loka

To visit Loka Designs in-world:

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