Huge Freebie Hunt for Men: Make Him Over Hunt – MHOH3

Make Him Over Hunt 3 - MHOH3

Okay, my bad. I’ve known about the hunt for a couple of weeks now but have not gotten around to blog about it. For all the male readers out there or female readers with a boyfriend in need of some nice male stuff… participate in the “Make Him Over Hunt”. Exclusive high quality freebies for men from over 170 Second Life Designers. The freebies contain everything from skin, shapes, clothing, shoes, hair and whatnot.

It may be that not everything available is to your liking and maybe you’re looking for something very specific, e.g. a skin. There are several things you should use in order to make the most of it and to get yourself a headstart. (Don’t underestimate the time and effort it takes to hunt every single item.^^)

First of all use the Make Him Over Blog – not only can you find general fashion information there but also the complete list of shops and SURLS for the participating shops plus hints and some reviews of several hunt items.

Some of the items on the list are not longer part of the hunt. If you feel lost or simply want to chat and update with other MHO hunters, join the Make Him Over Group. Either use search in-world or click here: Make Him Over Group.

Also, to select in advance what you want to hunt (time is running out) use the flickr pics. Thankfully some of the male hunters were nice enough to take pictures with the hunted items and writing down exactly what they are wearing! ^^

Make Him Over Hunt 3 -  Picture by Kriss Dreadlow

Click the picture to find out what Kriss Dreadlow is wearing in the frame. To see more Make Him Over (MHO) Hunt pictures click this: More MHOH3 pics with detail infos.

Go and get your quality hunt bargaings. (It’s rare enough that men have such a great opportunity in second life.) ;)

[Update: See more hunting gift reviews from the Make Him Over Blog: See Hunting Items]

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