Freebie Skins by JeSYLiLo

Freebie Skin by Jesylilo

Okay, it’s time to take your shoes off and start running! JeSYLiLo has some fabulous freebie skins out in the shop for men and women! Only for a very limited time.

I ran over this hint in one of the many groups I am listed in and I am very thankful for it. JeSYLiLo is a pretty big skin store in world and very generous too! When you enter the store you’ll see this:

JeSYLiLo celebrates her birthday and let’s everyone benefit from it. Yay! Celebrate with her and visit her shop in Second Life – get your skin birthday gift and wish her all the best.

When you turn to the right you’ll see a christmas tree in the corner and to its right and left JeSYLiLo’s christmas presents for you. :-) A shelf with skin gifts for men and a shelf with skin gifts for women.

Take your time checking out all the many gift boxes and also pay attention to the christmas tree in the corner… some of the ornaments may contain some hunt gift skins. ;-)

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