YS & YS Group Gifts: Skin, Shoes & Jewelry

YS&YS Group Gift - ShoesYS&YS Group Gift - Shoes

This particular hint came from Midge who I love dearly for that. Do you know “YS&YS”? It’s a label in Second Life and stands for “Your Skin & Your Shape”. Enter the group, teleport to the store and pick up the lovely gift boxes with your group tag activated.

YS&YS Group Gift - Skin & Jewelry

There are three gift boxes for you waiting: One with the lovely necklace and earrings, the second with some lovely skins and the third with these really great ankle boots. Hawt boots!
Those of you that are the hunting kind – YS&YS participates in the Happy Holiday Hunt. Keep looking up high and you’ll find the scroll with hunt gift #76 in it. (With a nice selection of different skins in it.) :-)

What I am wearing in the picture is Happy Holidays Hunt item #11 from *REALE – a lovely black and red dress of nice quality. Pose used Happy Holiday Hunt item #3 from Diesel Works.
Background provided by Willow Llewellyn.

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