Technical Problems with SL Viewer – How Fun!

Second Life can be wonderful at times, … but it can also be a pain in the ass. :D
Every since the Emerald Viewer was closed down I been trying other third party viewers and was very satisfied with Emergence and Phoenix. So I ended up using Phoenix, which worked splendidly for me… until I upgraded it recently.

It must be some very masochistic instinct to try to update things regularly which by all means – if your version works just fine – you should avoid til its unavoidable. So after upgrading Phoenix I was having all kind of trouble. None concerning its functionality but with visual matters which for an SL photographer is horrible. For some reason in Phoenix Viewer the natural SL water looked like crap. It looked like some huge greenish alpha layering that went wrong. Very similar to the look you have when u enable banlines but worse. Also my facelights would not work. I could put them on but it did not have any effect on my screen. I am sure I nearly blinded some people around me as I tried to increase the light to see anything. No effect.

I was very dissapointed and had to switch to Emergence. With Emergence now the water problem is no longer existant… but my facelights won’t work either. Nice.

Why do I not use the official Second Life Viewer 2? Because there seems to be a very mutual dislike on both sides. I really hate what they have done to the client and only use it in absolute emergencies. And I swear – it hates me… cause unless I stand about and do nothing but chat … it will let me crash almost instantly. So the only times I uses Viewer2 is when I cannot detach attachment for some reason and when I cannot de-ruth in any other client. (I was walking around SL being ruthed almost 36h. Logging in and out, trying to rebake and whatnot.) Only when I used Viewer 2 I was able to rebuild my avatar.

However, besides all the fun lag we find everywhere the generel performance of SL and its viewers is somewhat suboptimal if not painful. Yet…. we try and we try and we try. :D

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