Freebies at Vanity Skin Fair 2011


Ladies, the Vanity Skin Fair has started and it’s running til March 6th. Make sure you get a chance to run by and take a look around. Be warned though: The region is ususally full and lags like mad. So, be patient and take off everything (e.g. AOs, Hair and other attachments) you dont need. They won’t rez anyway and you’ll be grey to everyone else anyhow – so why bother adding to the lag? :-)
Curious what freebies to expect? Then continue reading! ^^

In the picture above:
Skin: *YS & YS* Susan – Skin Fair 2011 Gift
Make-Up Layer: (RED) FROST No.03 – Skin Fair 2011 Gift
Nails: (RED) MINT No.09 – Skin Fair 2011 Gift
Eyes: Al Vulo – Vanity eyes gift


Skin: *JeSyLiLo* SkinFairGift *J1
Eyes: Al Vulo – Vanity eyes gift


Skin: Al Vulo – eliza vanity bronze gift
Eyes: Al Vulo – Vanity eyes gift


Vanity Skin Fair Gift box by Maverick Design:
Skin: Maverick Skin – Wish
Shape: Maverick Shape – Wish V.1 (no mod)
Eye Brow Shape: Maverick – Wish
Eyes: Unique Megastore – Vanity eyes gift


Skin: *YS & YS* Susan – Vanity Skin Fair Gift
(Layers with Cleavage and different brow colors included.)
Eyes: Unique Megastore – Vanity eyes gift


Also at the Teleport area you can find this sporty oufit as a free gift for all Vanity Skin Fair visitors. (Also male version available.)

More Gifts at the Vanity Skin Fair by:
Rozena – Molan Lip Layers
GP – Pout Lip Layers
ALEIDA – Make Up Layers
Chaisuki – Lip Layers

To visit the Vanity Skin Fair 2011:

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