The Dressing Room – Fashion Outlet

The Dressing Room - Stylish Contest

Do you know “The Dressing Room” or “The Dressing Room Blue”? If not, it’s time. TDR and TDRB are great options for you to go shopping. Several great designers offering their fashion at discount prices!

Every two weeks TDR and TDRB are changing the offers in the store. One week TDR and the next TDRB. So in theory you get to shop new high quality bargains every week – if you get to visit the store.
Hint: Do not try to TP the first 24h they changed room. You’ll be only to frustrated cause it will be croweded and laggy. :)

TDR and TDRB offers everything from skins, fashion, shoes, hair and whatnot for up to 70L$ per item. This truely is a great opportunity to check out great designers at low prices.

To visit The Dressing Room:
To visit The Dressing Room Blue:

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