Ricielli – Second Deluxe Hunt

Ricielli - 2nd Deluxe Hunt

Always a good adress for hip and stylish Second Life fashion is “R.icielli” (also written “Ricielli” in search). Great fashion with incredble texture ans working with scultped prims to make it more realistic.

Ricielli - 2nd Deluxe Hunt

You should visit R.icielli and see yourself, what they have to offer. For those of you that want to try but dont want to spent a fortune – these days R.icielli is having the 2nd Deluxe Hunt out! 12 Hunt items spread all over the Ricielli stores. Find the 12 keys and get great fashion for 10 Linden per key!

Ricielli - 2nd Deluxe Hunt

Visit Ricielli inworld:

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