Free Skins by Al Vulo

Al Vulo - Free skin - Group Gift

Do you know Al Vulo? Not? Then its time. For a limited time only your chance to pick up three wonderful skins by Al Vulo for free and one for just 50 L$. Where to find them? Continue reading as not all are available at the store.

The Group Gift skin you will find right in front of the store. Actually its the TP destination. Make sure to sign up to the group first. Joining the group is free.

Free Skin by Al Vulo - Hunt item

The second skin can also be found in front of the store. Its a hunt item gift. (#083^DKH>>3<<^) Look up and find the cat face on the tree.
Free Skin by Al Vulo

The last free skin is available as an exclusive Al Vulo Gift at the Vanity Skin Fair 2011. As the Skin Fair only runs for a few days longer you need to make sure to go by, find the Al Vulo store at the Skin Fair and pick up the gift. By the way the eyes are also included.

50L$ Skin by Al Vulo

Last but not least – this wonderful slightly toothy skin. It’s currently available at The Fashion Garret for just 50 L$! A true bargain for such a high quality skin.

Pick up your skins today!

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