Free Skins by JStyLe Store – Group Gifts

JStyLe Store - Group Gift

When I first heard of JStyle I thought: “Yet another store with bad skins offered for a bargain.” It is NOT. Well, yes – the bargain part is true, but not the bad skins part!
JStyle does not only sell skins for an incredible reasonable price – it also has lots of free group gift skins out there – for men and women!

If in need of a skin – go there and drag your boyfriend along with you!

JStyLe Store - Group Gift
JStyLe Store - Group Gift

Petites Avatars – Adorable Tiny Mesh Avis

Petite on a Swing

When I first heard of mesh in Second Life, I was just downright puzzled. “It moves” I was told and I thought: “So what?”.
These days I am a lot more convinced about mesh but not to the fullest extent. I don’t need mesh for everything. It’s really sometimes easier to let some things be classic prims with mod rights.
However – the one thing mesh is really, really great for are avatars made of that. Mesh allowed the birth of Petites!

For those of you that have not seen Petites yet – they are tiny avatars… about as high as ur knee and they still move naturally and smoothly. No edges to the joints or anything and u can still run your AO wearing them.
I don’t want to go into detail how it works – cause that still puzzles me a bit – but want to mention that something made of mesh is an object.

That means you cannot alter a mesh avatar – tho it looks human – as you could with your normal avatar. You cant just put a tattoo layer on and off or wear any clothing you like. The mesh avatar either comes with it or does not. You are basically substituding one object part with another then.

Ballroom Petites...

There are currently only a few creators out there that create mesh petites.
Here are some of them:
Fallen Gods Inc.:

Al Vulo:


Free Skin by Curvalicious – Group Gift

Curvalicious - Group Gift

Don’t go around Second Life and complain that you look like crap because you can’t afford a decent skin! There are loads of options for women (and some for men) to pick up free or almost free stuff – and yes, that also includes great skins!
This skin is is the current group gift by Curvalicious! and its just pretty. I like the the makeup and the silky touch to the skin. Its a skin that you can wear on any occasion really.
The name of the free group gift is: !Curvalicious Skins Group Gift 2.

You will find it directly in the store. Make sure to wear your group tag when you hit the vendor. Joining group will cost ya, but !Curvalicious gives out a high class group gift skin quaterly. So this should very well repay all of us by large!

To visit the store inworld:

To join group (350 Linden to join):

Free Shoes in Second Life by N-Core – Group Gift

N-Core Group Gift

Excuse me, but aren’t these shoes just about the hottest ever? :-)
N-Core is going head over heels for their group members and has released a new awsome, sexy group gift!
These beauties are called: N-core *Group Gift* Coquette Platform “Wild Edition”.

They are done nicely and look very posh on any female. Let your freak out and get these incredible pair of pumps. All you need to do is join group, go to the store and slap the group gift vendor! Easy as a pie. :-)

Free Skin by Heartsick – Exclusive Group Gift

Heartsick - Group Gift

Not heard of Heartsick yet? Well then listen up! :-)
Heartsick creates in all varieties and colors – yes, even mystical creature colors and those look just stunning (at least on my shape ;-)).
The current group gift was passed as group notice. So make sure to join group fast and check the past noticed as soon as you can.

The group gift skin is called: “HS Chloe : Without You GG”.
It looks a little sad with the tears running down but also very beautiful at the same time. The skin comes in 3 different colors (very light, medium and dark) and with different levels of cleavage.

Heartsick - Group Gift

To visit the store inworld:

To join Heartsick Group (10 Linden Fee):

Free Skin – Al Vulo Group Gift June

Al Vulo - Group Gift June

If you’re not yet a member of Al Vulo you should really consider becomming one! Every month Al Vulo releases a free group gift skin and all have been beautiful so far. Sometimes with a little edge to it and sometimes just classic beauties as this months free group skin.

The June free skin is called “al vulo- baba2 * natural reddish beauty” and has a rather young innocent touch to it. The soft nude lips are formed beautifully and the skin is – as it should be for red heads – very light. The skin comes with a red hairbase integrated so make sure, that ur hair covers that if you color of choice should not be red. :-)

To visit the Store inworld:

To join the Al Vulo group (Free to join):

Mesh Bunny Avatars for 50 Linden only – Cutest EVER ;-)

Party Bunnies!

These bunny avatars are fully made of mesh – and they are great! ^^ It’s a one piece mesh attachment and I just love the way the little body moves. Its really the cutest sight ever to see them actually wiggle their butts while they dance! *lol*

You’ll find the bunnies in the entrance area of Beetlebones Mainstore in a Gatcha Machine for only 50 Linden. (Gacha simple means you have no idea what color bunny you’ll get. Luck of the draw. Check it out. They are all lovely, I promise!) :-)

Mesh Bunny Avatars just 50 Linden Gacha Surprise Pack at Beetlebones Mainstore: