Free Skin by Heartsick – Exclusive Group Gift

Heartsick - Group Gift

Not heard of Heartsick yet? Well then listen up! :-)
Heartsick creates in all varieties and colors – yes, even mystical creature colors and those look just stunning (at least on my shape ;-)).
The current group gift was passed as group notice. So make sure to join group fast and check the past noticed as soon as you can.

The group gift skin is called: “HS Chloe : Without You GG”.
It looks a little sad with the tears running down but also very beautiful at the same time. The skin comes in 3 different colors (very light, medium and dark) and with different levels of cleavage.

Heartsick - Group Gift

To visit the store inworld:

To join Heartsick Group (10 Linden Fee):

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