Free Skin by Curvalicious – Group Gift

Curvalicious - Group Gift

Don’t go around Second Life and complain that you look like crap because you can’t afford a decent skin! There are loads of options for women (and some for men) to pick up free or almost free stuff – and yes, that also includes great skins!
This skin is is the current group gift by Curvalicious! and its just pretty. I like the the makeup and the silky touch to the skin. Its a skin that you can wear on any occasion really.
The name of the free group gift is: !Curvalicious Skins Group Gift 2.

You will find it directly in the store. Make sure to wear your group tag when you hit the vendor. Joining group will cost ya, but !Curvalicious gives out a high class group gift skin quaterly. So this should very well repay all of us by large!

To visit the store inworld:

To join group (350 Linden to join):

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