The Arcade – Crazy Shopping for Nutty People :-D

Yes, I admitt: I am absolutely crazy about the Arcade Events. If you have never been or not been yet to this round yet – you need to go!

For those not knowing what the Arcade is:
The Arcade is an event that will be available for a whole month (so this time til end of March) and is basically one huge event with an incredible ammount of Gacha machines. A Gacha or Gatcha vendor will give you a random item. In the case of the Archade all items are transferable so you can actually give things to your friends or start trading the lovely things. (Yes, you heard right – trading! Join the Arcade group and start going mad swaping things. ^^)

Please note:
The Arcade is almost full all the time. People are really standing in line to get to the sim trying to get an open spot. Be nice and go without lots of scripts and only stay as long as you need to. (Don’t let your avatar go idle there for hours. :-))
And be patient!!! It will take time to get there and it will take time for everything to rez.

I spend a little fortune feeding the Gacha vendors and got some really, really lovely items. Curious what all can be bought at the Arcade? Use the Arcade Shopping Guide to get an overview and make up your mind beforehand so you’re not as overwhelmed once you get to the event!

Taxi to The Arcade – Gacha Shopping Event