Excuse My French Hunt – OPOPOP & Jamman Gifts

I admitt it, I am a mesh lover. I used to hate it and it still has some negative sides to it, but over all it’s just such a joy to wear something made of mesh that moves with you and is just brilliant not only in its 3D mesh creation but also in the actual texturizing.

The hunt gift from OPOPOP is a lovely hoodie and just looking at it you can already feel what the fabric would feel like on your fingertipps.  Very nicely done and comfy.

The mesh fingernails with the Eifel Tower on it are the Jamman hunt gift!
And again – a real benefit of mesh… the nails actually move with your fingers instead of floating around your hands like it used to be with prims. :D

To visit OPOPOP Mainstore inworld:

To visit Jamman Jewels and Nails Mainstore inworld:

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