** Mid-month Freeness **

 If, like me, you;ve had a whale of a time the first half of the month, and are a bit cash-strapped until payday, chin-up! There’s still lots of cute things to be had without spending a single linden :D Here are a just few things I picked up …

Top pic:

Skin: Al Vulo – Cecilia – Glitter moccacino (Group gift, free group)

Dress: Mimi’s Doll Dress – Jersey Grey (Marketplace)

Necklace: Virtual Impressions (Group gift by the stair, free group)

Above: Alyce – Fuzzy Leopard top, Fire reds (Marketplace)

Skull Candy – Puppy in cup loose vest (Marketplace)

Sassy! – Bliss top in pink (Lucky Board)

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