Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Confessions of an Addict

Fantasy Gacha Carneval
When I first saw the gacha preview all I wanted to get was a head bug by Brynh Oh – and somehow I mysteriously ended up with loads of stuff. :-)

I do have to admitt that fantasy stuff – especially skin – are my weak spot. Not that you ever really get the chance to wear it, but its nice from time to time to pull it out and dive into another creature. By the way, I have no idea what your inventory looks like but mine hosts around 40 fantasy skins alone. Why does one ever need so many? I have no idea! :D

For these pictures tho I did not put on a fantasy skin because the fokus is on all the wonderful green gadgets and gizmos I got from the gachas. (For some reason green must have been my color yesterday. ^^)

Fantasy Gacha Carneval

From the Fantasy Gacha Carneval:
Bug worn on Head: Brynh Oh – Lady Greendream
Feather Collar & Bracelets: Luas Redemption
Forehead Accessoire: Deviance Erulisse Circlet
Seductive Bikini Top: [geek.] Hermit – Ferngully
Snake Tail: !dM deviousMind “Lamia” Naga Tail

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Fantasy Gacha Carneval

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