** Fallen Gods, 6th Year Rebirth **

I probably don’t get out as much as I should in SL, but now and again a group invite comes along and I will go mingle. One place I always try to get to is Selidor, the home sim to Alia Baroque’s Fallen Gods. The sim is beautiful (the store is full of cool, weird and wonderful creations too) and for the next few days the sim is celebrating its  6th anniversary with a series of events (there’s even a chance to win one of Alia’s skins from the fortune teller instore….).

I spent this evening listening to the wonderful voice of Phoe.nix, but there are all sorts of other entertainments planned for the Fallens. You’ll find a schedule of events here, and when you visit, don;t forget to chek out your fellow avatars, so many interesting, unique and beautiful creations there :) . You’ll find more pics on my Flickr account.




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