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Skin – Fallen Gods Inc.: Lacrimosa Weeping L$800 RFL Item

Hellooooooo! If you haven’t heard its Fantasy Faire time! The fantasy folk have 11 sims of wonderful creativity for you to gawp at as well as many entertainment events and a hunt and its all in aid of the Race for Life!

I just had to buy Fallen Gods Inc.’s Lacrimosa Weeping skin, and its a long time since i had so much fun playing with a look. Thanks to Alia Baroque for including a stone texture which made modding items I already had in inventory so much easier :D

The Faire lasts until the 11th, and the hunts until the 18th and they seem on target to raise L$4 MILLION!

Check out the Fantasy Faire Blog for events and details about the hunts, and have a fabulous time at the Faire but temember………don’t blink!





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