Fantasy Gacha 2014

Can you hear the wind whispering, calling and luring you to come to Fantasy Gacha event? Time has come for all fantastic creatures to spend a little fortune and get those wonderful things all these creative designers provided.

Put on your least lag outfit or even go invisible. Don’t bother to wear any attachment – they won’t rez properly to the others anyhow and only cause horrible lag. Fantasy Gacha will be available til June 3rd.

To get an overview on item available: Gacha Previews
Teleport: Fantasy Gacha

Gacha goodies worn in photo:
Hair: little bones. Moon Child
Necklaces: Zibska ~ Loviisa Necklace [long] and [short] in Rose
Headpiece: [LF] Romantic Flower Headband Pink


Pink Fusion Hunt – Until May 31st

You like pink? And you like fashion? And maybe you love hunts? Then the Pink Fusion Hunt is just what you want and what you need! 50 great designers are participating and are providing really terrific hunt gifts for you. All hunt items are only 5 Linden each.

The dress I am wearing is the hunt gift by Cynful – a marvelous mesh dress that comes with an optional bow belt which even has a color HUD!

Pink Fusion Hunt: All Locations & Hints
Pink Fusion Hunt: Prize Previews


Pure Poison – 199 L$ Free Store Credit

Have you heard of Pure Poison yet? It is a store that has specialized in jewelry and shoes – and is known for its fabulous and absolutely generous group gifts!

All available gifts are gathered in front of the store and free for group members. The group is – you won’t believe it – free to join!

And now comes the absolute best part: Pure Poison’s May Group Gift is not just any jewelry – it is a store credit worth 199 L$ which you can spend at your own will on anything you like in the store!

Join the group, wear your group tag and hit the right terminal you see in front of the store, so that the credit will be added to your store credit.

Add your store credit first!!!

Make sure to drop by this month and spend some happy lindens at Pure Poison!

Teleport to: Pure Poison Mainstore
Join Group: Pure Poison Group



Eleven Days of Fantasy Fair

Fantasy Fair started today and as every year it is mandatory for everyone to go and admire all the great and fantastic new creations. This year Fantasy Fair consists of 11 different themed sims and will last exactly 11 days.

You will find anything from skins, attachments, full avatars, fashion, furniture and whatnot for mermaids, elves, petites and many more. The most important thing for me personally is to see all the different themed sims and enjoy what the sponsors have thought of this year.

To make this event as enjoyable for everyone as possible – everyone is asked to ensure to create as little lag as possible. Therefore – as in the past years – a free outfit is available for everyone. In facts this year they are even two free outfits!

Teleport directly to one of the sims: Fairelands JunctionAsperatusBlackwater GlennThe Faery CourtHeavensloughHope’s HorizonMedhir WoodsMourningvale ThicketSanctumWiggenstead MooringThe Palace of Tears

Full List of all 11 Sims at Fantasy Fair

Full List of all 11 Sims at Fantasy Fair

Picture of Blackwater Glenn

Picture of Blackwater Glenn

Love Shack for Petites @Blackwater Glenn

Love Shack for Petites @Blackwater Glenn

Free Dragon Koi Outfit by [Gauze]

Free Dragon Koi Outfit by [Gauze]

Picture of Wiggenstead Moorning

Picture of Wiggenstead Moorning

Happy Birthday TDR!

TDR has its 4th birthday and we are all celebrating! You don’t know what TDR is? “The Dressing Room” is a bi-weekly changing sales event for SL Fashion. The prices are rather moderate and make shopping worthwhile.

Over the years I gathered tons of skins, clothing, shoes and whatnot at TDR and I am very happy that TDR still exsists. If you have not been to TDR yet it is definetly about time to go.

I bought the dress & jacket combo at the current TDR for 50 Linden only.

Location: TDR Store
Blog: The Dressing Room Blog

Bikini Season Starts!

Summer is getting closer and the days are getting longer. It’s time to enjoy the rays of the sun properly on the beach. Best to do that in a bikini. Today we present the mesh bikini set “Wildlife Set Collection w/HUD” from DRIFT.

DRIFT_ADVERT-Tini_Kini_Wildlife_CollectionThe mesh is well made and the HUD gives 10 different wildlife patterns to choose from to individualize your own exotic look. Of course the bikini can also be purchased with other patterns in more conservative looks.

By the way – the set is really a steal deal for just 115 L$!

Marketplace: DRIFT Shop