** Angry Angel **


Skin – Fallen Gods Inc.: Lacrimosa Weeping L$800 RFL Item

Hellooooooo! If you haven’t heard its Fantasy Faire time! The fantasy folk have 11 sims of wonderful creativity for you to gawp at as well as many entertainment events and a hunt and its all in aid of the Race for Life!

I just had to buy Fallen Gods Inc.’s Lacrimosa Weeping skin, and its a long time since i had so much fun playing with a look. Thanks to Alia Baroque for including a stone texture which made modding items I already had in inventory so much easier :D

The Faire lasts until the 11th, and the hunts until the 18th and they seem on target to raise L$4 MILLION!

Check out the Fantasy Faire Blog for events and details about the hunts, and have a fabulous time at the Faire but temember………don’t blink!





** A Dark Eternity Christmas Carol Hunt **

DV8 is back, and as part f the Gothmas celebrations they have a wee hunt going on at the Dark Eternity sim. Itss as pretty as a Christmas card and the 13 gifts are widely spread all over (so you might want to use your cheat options, but you didnt hear that from me :O )

My favourite prize was of course the Dalek avatar (I’m a nerd…) but there are clothes, boots and a couples pose too :)

The snowmen? They were outside a store…I couldn’t resist taking a pic…


** Fallen Gods, 6th Year Rebirth **

I probably don’t get out as much as I should in SL, but now and again a group invite comes along and I will go mingle. One place I always try to get to is Selidor, the home sim to Alia Baroque’s Fallen Gods. The sim is beautiful (the store is full of cool, weird and wonderful creations too) and for the next few days the sim is celebrating its  6th anniversary with a series of events (there’s even a chance to win one of Alia’s skins from the fortune teller instore….).

I spent this evening listening to the wonderful voice of Phoe.nix, but there are all sorts of other entertainments planned for the Fallens. You’ll find a schedule of events here, and when you visit, don;t forget to chek out your fellow avatars, so many interesting, unique and beautiful creations there :) . You’ll find more pics on my Flickr account.




** System Failure **

Halloween is in just 2 weeks, and the grid is full of the spooky and supernatural. Its also time for the spooky games, and after doing Resting Place I couldn’t wait for Sn@tch to open this years….

It’s called System Failure, its creepy as Hell out there, and there are lots, and Lots and LOTS of hunt prizes to be had from dozens of designers. So get on your running shoes and get over to the System Failure Landing Point to pick up your lab coat and torch….and be careful out there!

Top pic: MV – Sakura (MESH)

Fierce – Frank the Rabbit Onesie

Dress: Sassy! – Lethal Embrace

Headband: Auxiliary

Sassy! – Sugar Dress

Somnia – Celestial Lace Dress

** Halloween Hunt @ The Nest **

So you’re already thinking about decorating for Halloween huh? Time to get your horror on and get to The Nest where you can find 13 special pumpkins containing little presents to add to the spooky feel! My particular favourites are the window with a view of a spooky graveyard and the Halloween hand chair from Organica.  Hunt is on October 6th to the 19th :D

Sway -Candy corn lantern poles

Organica – Caress hand chair (shown in white and Halloween, also in black and red)

Noble – Harvest Time Cabinet

Cleo Design -Window and curtain

JoHaDeZ – WallArt Skull (texture change and resize menu)

+sanctuaire+ – Reclaimed Piano Bookcase

Consignment – The Underneath Above There Table

Thistle – Owl Ceramic (comes in Biggie and Little sizes)

11th Hour – Pumpkin Storage Crate (trans)

Lucky Black Cat – She’s mine, Mine, MIIINE!!! *muahahahahaha



** Harvest Time **

Its Autumn, time for the harvest, and isn’t that the wonderful thing about group gifts? :D

Shawna moseyed-on down to Finesmith, and as well as some lovely jewellery she also received this fabulous dress! Me? More giftie newness from Virtual Impressions, which I just had to team with the gorgeous VIP gift from Sn@tch. The pastels aren’t available, but you can get the rich colours in store. We just had to dress up to show the fabulousness off!

Shawna (left)

Dress; Finesmith – groupgift (group gift free to join)

Jewellery: TDR – Swallow – Iside Gold L$70


Midge (right)

Dress – Helena – old VIP groupgift now available in rich colours at Sn@tch L$275

Jewellery: Groupgift at Virtual Impressions (group free to join)

** Mid-month Freeness **

 If, like me, you;ve had a whale of a time the first half of the month, and are a bit cash-strapped until payday, chin-up! There’s still lots of cute things to be had without spending a single linden :D Here are a just few things I picked up …

Top pic:

Skin: Al Vulo – Cecilia – Glitter moccacino (Group gift, free group)

Dress: Mimi’s Doll Dress – Jersey Grey (Marketplace)

Necklace: Virtual Impressions (Group gift by the stair, free group)

Above: Alyce – Fuzzy Leopard top, Fire reds (Marketplace)

Skull Candy – Puppy in cup loose vest (Marketplace)

Sassy! – Bliss top in pink (Lucky Board)

** Purple Wednesday **

If you haven’t heard about the new round of gacha fest that is The Arcade by now….where have you been?!! If you do go, take lots of cash, its all faaaaar too tempting :D

Here are (just) a few of the things I came away with…..

Top pic:

Pose prop: oOo Studio – Alphabet W, 3 poses, L$25

(sideface edited to purple by me)

Table lamp: Trompe Loie, L$25

Nightdress: Tee*fy – Aurora Nightdress in purple, L$50

Headband: Auxiliary – Purrrfect Headband LS50

Plushie: Intrigue Co. – Plushue pals, L$50

Skin: Belleza  – Leila #15,  L$100

Hair: Diva – “Giz” in Moonstone, L$75

Above: Glam Affair Candy skin #10, L$100


Belleza Leila skin #15, L$100




** AppleFall Group Gift Gorgeousness **

If you look carefully at the pics I take inside my SL home, you will see many things from Apple Fall. They make some of the most beautifully textured items in SL and even better the group is free to join!

Right on time, these pics are of their latest group gift, the Cinema Sideboard. The gift contains 9 different styles to suit anyone’s decor. The sideboard has two opening doors….and if you, like me, plan on raiding the Arcade from tomorrow you’re going to need somewhere to store all those funky little items :D



Its Weekend Freebie Time!

Top pic: Hair -Emo-tions – Collien: Flame

Eyes: Mayfly – Myrtle green (Group gift, free to join)

Skin: Filthy – Group gift #3 (free to join)

Its part of my mission to let you know the lovely things that are out there for free, so here is the latest I came across on my travels :).

You will know I am a big fan of group gifts (especially when the group fee doesn’t cost an arm and a leg) and here I am wearing Filthy‘s latest group gift in Choco, and Mayfly’s group gift eyes in Myrtle Green. Mayfly make the most detailed and beautiful eyes, and this gift contains both system and mesh versions in 4 different shades of whites, Gorgeous!

And if you are one of our newer residents, or just love a freebie, Lucky Boards are a great option. The dress I’m wearing in the second pic is from Sakide, and not only is it pretty, its transferrable too!


Bottom pic: Dress: Sakide – Lovely Crimson Outfit (from Lucky Board)