Winning 1000L in Nyte’N’Day Store Poster Contest

Hey Girls, thank you so much for bearing with me. Moving in real life is so much more complicated than in Second Life. *lol* It took longer than expected and was a lot more exhausting than wished, but… I made it. Yay! It’s finally done.

Anyway, guess how surprised I was when I got back online and found out that I was one of the winners of the Nyte’N’Day Poster Store Contest.  Pretty cool I tell you. The next winner of 1000 Linden Dollars could be you!


Sexy Black Dollarbie Dress by Vidal Fashion

Freebie Outfit & Freebie Skin

Just as criminals always return to their crime scene – fashion junkies do just the same. So yes… I returned to Vidal Fashion and picked up some new Outfits for my endlessly growing wardrobe. A Black Sexy Freebie Dress, a Silver Sexy Cocktail Dress and a very nice Bikini. (Not to forget the fabulous Freebie Skin I picked up along the way.)