Fantasy Gacha 2014

Can you hear the wind whispering, calling and luring you to come to Fantasy Gacha event? Time has come for all fantastic creatures to spend a little fortune and get those wonderful things all these creative designers provided.

Put on your least lag outfit or even go invisible. Don’t bother to wear any attachment – they won’t rez properly to the others anyhow and only cause horrible lag. Fantasy Gacha will be available til June 3rd.

To get an overview on item available: Gacha Previews
Teleport: Fantasy Gacha

Gacha goodies worn in photo:
Hair: little bones. Moon Child
Necklaces: Zibska ~ Loviisa Necklace [long] and [short] in Rose
Headpiece: [LF] Romantic Flower Headband Pink


Eleven Days of Fantasy Fair

Fantasy Fair started today and as every year it is mandatory for everyone to go and admire all the great and fantastic new creations. This year Fantasy Fair consists of 11 different themed sims and will last exactly 11 days.

You will find anything from skins, attachments, full avatars, fashion, furniture and whatnot for mermaids, elves, petites and many more. The most important thing for me personally is to see all the different themed sims and enjoy what the sponsors have thought of this year.

To make this event as enjoyable for everyone as possible – everyone is asked to ensure to create as little lag as possible. Therefore – as in the past years – a free outfit is available for everyone. In facts this year they are even two free outfits!

Teleport directly to one of the sims: Fairelands JunctionAsperatusBlackwater GlennThe Faery CourtHeavensloughHope’s HorizonMedhir WoodsMourningvale ThicketSanctumWiggenstead MooringThe Palace of Tears

Full List of all 11 Sims at Fantasy Fair

Full List of all 11 Sims at Fantasy Fair

Picture of Blackwater Glenn

Picture of Blackwater Glenn

Love Shack for Petites @Blackwater Glenn

Love Shack for Petites @Blackwater Glenn

Free Dragon Koi Outfit by [Gauze]

Free Dragon Koi Outfit by [Gauze]

Picture of Wiggenstead Moorning

Picture of Wiggenstead Moorning

** A Dark Eternity Christmas Carol Hunt **

DV8 is back, and as part f the Gothmas celebrations they have a wee hunt going on at the Dark Eternity sim. Itss as pretty as a Christmas card and the 13 gifts are widely spread all over (so you might want to use your cheat options, but you didnt hear that from me :O )

My favourite prize was of course the Dalek avatar (I’m a nerd…) but there are clothes, boots and a couples pose too :)

The snowmen? They were outside a store…I couldn’t resist taking a pic…


** Fallen Gods, 6th Year Rebirth **

I probably don’t get out as much as I should in SL, but now and again a group invite comes along and I will go mingle. One place I always try to get to is Selidor, the home sim to Alia Baroque’s Fallen Gods. The sim is beautiful (the store is full of cool, weird and wonderful creations too) and for the next few days the sim is celebrating its  6th anniversary with a series of events (there’s even a chance to win one of Alia’s skins from the fortune teller instore….).

I spent this evening listening to the wonderful voice of Phoe.nix, but there are all sorts of other entertainments planned for the Fallens. You’ll find a schedule of events here, and when you visit, don;t forget to chek out your fellow avatars, so many interesting, unique and beautiful creations there :) . You’ll find more pics on my Flickr account.




** System Failure **

Halloween is in just 2 weeks, and the grid is full of the spooky and supernatural. Its also time for the spooky games, and after doing Resting Place I couldn’t wait for Sn@tch to open this years….

It’s called System Failure, its creepy as Hell out there, and there are lots, and Lots and LOTS of hunt prizes to be had from dozens of designers. So get on your running shoes and get over to the System Failure Landing Point to pick up your lab coat and torch….and be careful out there!

Top pic: MV – Sakura (MESH)

Fierce – Frank the Rabbit Onesie

Dress: Sassy! – Lethal Embrace

Headband: Auxiliary

Sassy! – Sugar Dress

Somnia – Celestial Lace Dress

** Halloween Hunt @ The Nest **

So you’re already thinking about decorating for Halloween huh? Time to get your horror on and get to The Nest where you can find 13 special pumpkins containing little presents to add to the spooky feel! My particular favourites are the window with a view of a spooky graveyard and the Halloween hand chair from Organica.  Hunt is on October 6th to the 19th :D

Sway -Candy corn lantern poles

Organica – Caress hand chair (shown in white and Halloween, also in black and red)

Noble – Harvest Time Cabinet

Cleo Design -Window and curtain

JoHaDeZ – WallArt Skull (texture change and resize menu)

+sanctuaire+ – Reclaimed Piano Bookcase

Consignment – The Underneath Above There Table

Thistle – Owl Ceramic (comes in Biggie and Little sizes)

11th Hour – Pumpkin Storage Crate (trans)

Lucky Black Cat – She’s mine, Mine, MIIINE!!! *muahahahahaha



Fantasy Gacha Carnival – Confessions of an Addict

Fantasy Gacha Carneval
When I first saw the gacha preview all I wanted to get was a head bug by Brynh Oh – and somehow I mysteriously ended up with loads of stuff. :-)

I do have to admitt that fantasy stuff – especially skin – are my weak spot. Not that you ever really get the chance to wear it, but its nice from time to time to pull it out and dive into another creature. By the way, I have no idea what your inventory looks like but mine hosts around 40 fantasy skins alone. Why does one ever need so many? I have no idea! :D

For these pictures tho I did not put on a fantasy skin because the fokus is on all the wonderful green gadgets and gizmos I got from the gachas. (For some reason green must have been my color yesterday. ^^)

Fantasy Gacha Carneval

From the Fantasy Gacha Carneval:
Bug worn on Head: Brynh Oh – Lady Greendream
Feather Collar & Bracelets: Luas Redemption
Forehead Accessoire: Deviance Erulisse Circlet
Seductive Bikini Top: [geek.] Hermit – Ferngully
Snake Tail: !dM deviousMind “Lamia” Naga Tail

To see all Fantasy Gacha Carneval items in detail:
Complete Gache Previews
To visit Fantasy Gacha:

Fantasy Gacha Carneval

Excuse My French Hunt

Excuse My French Hunt

Ladies and gents, you will need to get ready because this weekend is THE weekend when the very first “Excuse My French” Hunt will launch.

Why is this hunt so special? Because it is the very first hunt in which all participating designers and shops actually have a french background – whether its from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Canada… .

In RL we know France to be the home of Haute Couture – a world leading country of international fashion. Let’s be surprised how much SL fashion has been influenced so far by french speaking designers!

Over time we will show some lovely hunt previews of what to expect in this excellent new hunt event! :-)

More info: