Happy Birthday TDR!

TDR has its 4th birthday and we are all celebrating! You don’t know what TDR is? “The Dressing Room” is a bi-weekly changing sales event for SL Fashion. The prices are rather moderate and make shopping worthwhile.

Over the years I gathered tons of skins, clothing, shoes and whatnot at TDR and I am very happy that TDR still exsists. If you have not been to TDR yet it is definetly about time to go.

I bought the dress & jacket combo at the current TDR for 50 Linden only.

Location: TDR Store
Blog: The Dressing Room Blog

Bikini Season Starts!

Summer is getting closer and the days are getting longer. It’s time to enjoy the rays of the sun properly on the beach. Best to do that in a bikini. Today we present the mesh bikini set “Wildlife Set Collection w/HUD” from DRIFT.

DRIFT_ADVERT-Tini_Kini_Wildlife_CollectionThe mesh is well made and the HUD gives 10 different wildlife patterns to choose from to individualize your own exotic look. Of course the bikini can also be purchased with other patterns in more conservative looks.

By the way – the set is really a steal deal for just 115 L$!

Marketplace: DRIFT Shop

** System Failure **

Halloween is in just 2 weeks, and the grid is full of the spooky and supernatural. Its also time for the spooky games, and after doing Resting Place I couldn’t wait for Sn@tch to open this years….

It’s called System Failure, its creepy as Hell out there, and there are lots, and Lots and LOTS of hunt prizes to be had from dozens of designers. So get on your running shoes and get over to the System Failure Landing Point to pick up your lab coat and torch….and be careful out there!

Top pic: MV – Sakura (MESH)

Fierce – Frank the Rabbit Onesie

Dress: Sassy! – Lethal Embrace

Headband: Auxiliary

Sassy! – Sugar Dress

Somnia – Celestial Lace Dress

Halloween Gadgets by OPOPOP

Happy Halloween with OPOPOP
Muuaahahaahahaahh! Guess what? Halloween is slowly but surely comming up and its time to get prepared. Wonderful Oursinette Bruun – owner and designer of •°•.★* OPOPOP® *★ .•°• – has some nice gadgets this year.

Among them several halloweeny hats, different mask&scarf versions and a cute little witch dress available in different colors.

Happy Halloween with OPOPOP
Happy Halloween with OPOPOP
Halloween with OPOPOP
Make sure to drop by at OPOPOP and take a close look around to get your own Halloween gizmos! ;-)

Taxi to: OPOPOP Mainstore

** Harvest Time **

Its Autumn, time for the harvest, and isn’t that the wonderful thing about group gifts? :D

Shawna moseyed-on down to Finesmith, and as well as some lovely jewellery she also received this fabulous dress! Me? More giftie newness from Virtual Impressions, which I just had to team with the gorgeous VIP gift from Sn@tch. The pastels aren’t available, but you can get the rich colours in store. We just had to dress up to show the fabulousness off!

Shawna (left)

Dress; Finesmith – groupgift (group gift free to join)

Jewellery: TDR – Swallow – Iside Gold L$70


Midge (right)

Dress – Helena – old VIP groupgift now available in rich colours at Sn@tch L$275

Jewellery: Groupgift at Virtual Impressions (group free to join)

Sexy As Hell in (RED)MINT – Absolute Bargain!

(RED)MINT – Collar & Lace Top

Looking for a new fashion secret? Mine would be (RED)MINT! I have been seeing the new boots on marketplace and immediately fallen in love with them – but as it is – since I spend so much at the Arcade I was not going to get them for quite a while.

On Seraphimsl I saw tho that (RED)MINT is participating at the current Marquis Market Event – running from 14th-28th of September. For days I have been going back and forth looking at the stuff there, but all (RED)MINT items were not marked for sale. So last night I took all my courage and contacted the owner of (RED)MINT and guess what: She fixed it!

Well, not only did she fix it by making it buyable – she basically made an awesome deal out of it. SO GREAT! Every item is 50 Linden only!!!!
(Regular prices for collar 543L, lace top 232L and boots 567L!)
You absolutely have to go to the event if you still get the chance to and even if not:
You absolutely want to buy these boots no matter what price!

Not only is the mesh incredible but they also come with a color HUD – meaning you can fully customize them any way you want them to. Buy boots once and have as many variations as you want.


To teleport to the Marquis Market Event
To preview all Products in the Marquis Market Event

(RED)MINT on Marketplace