Pink Fusion Hunt – Until May 31st

You like pink? And you like fashion? And maybe you love hunts? Then the Pink Fusion Hunt is just what you want and what you need! 50 great designers are participating and are providing really terrific hunt gifts for you. All hunt items are only 5 Linden each.

The dress I am wearing is the hunt gift by Cynful – a marvelous mesh dress that comes with an optional bow belt which even has a color HUD!

Pink Fusion Hunt: All Locations & Hints
Pink Fusion Hunt: Prize Previews


** A Dark Eternity Christmas Carol Hunt **

DV8 is back, and as part f the Gothmas celebrations they have a wee hunt going on at the Dark Eternity sim. Itss as pretty as a Christmas card and the 13 gifts are widely spread all over (so you might want to use your cheat options, but you didnt hear that from me :O )

My favourite prize was of course the Dalek avatar (I’m a nerd…) but there are clothes, boots and a couples pose too :)

The snowmen? They were outside a store…I couldn’t resist taking a pic…


** System Failure **

Halloween is in just 2 weeks, and the grid is full of the spooky and supernatural. Its also time for the spooky games, and after doing Resting Place I couldn’t wait for Sn@tch to open this years….

It’s called System Failure, its creepy as Hell out there, and there are lots, and Lots and LOTS of hunt prizes to be had from dozens of designers. So get on your running shoes and get over to the System Failure Landing Point to pick up your lab coat and torch….and be careful out there!

Top pic: MV – Sakura (MESH)

Fierce – Frank the Rabbit Onesie

Dress: Sassy! – Lethal Embrace

Headband: Auxiliary

Sassy! – Sugar Dress

Somnia – Celestial Lace Dress

** Halloween Hunt @ The Nest **

So you’re already thinking about decorating for Halloween huh? Time to get your horror on and get to The Nest where you can find 13 special pumpkins containing little presents to add to the spooky feel! My particular favourites are the window with a view of a spooky graveyard and the Halloween hand chair from Organica.  Hunt is on October 6th to the 19th :D

Sway -Candy corn lantern poles

Organica – Caress hand chair (shown in white and Halloween, also in black and red)

Noble – Harvest Time Cabinet

Cleo Design -Window and curtain

JoHaDeZ – WallArt Skull (texture change and resize menu)

+sanctuaire+ – Reclaimed Piano Bookcase

Consignment – The Underneath Above There Table

Thistle – Owl Ceramic (comes in Biggie and Little sizes)

11th Hour – Pumpkin Storage Crate (trans)

Lucky Black Cat – She’s mine, Mine, MIIINE!!! *muahahahahaha



Ricielli Birthday Hunt – 15L per Item

Ricielli Birthday Hunt 2013If you haven’t been to Ricielli for a while you definetly should rush over soon. Since Sep. 1st Ricielli is having its birthday hunt items out there. No idea how long they will be lingering around. If you see anything in the pic that you like you should go and get it in time. Each hunt gift is 15L only.
(BTW: You will be looking for 20 pink birthday balloons scattered around the shop. Easy to find. ;-))

Taxi: Riciellie Mainstore

Ricielli Hunt Dress

Excuse My French Hunt – OPOPOP & Jamman Gifts

I admitt it, I am a mesh lover. I used to hate it and it still has some negative sides to it, but over all it’s just such a joy to wear something made of mesh that moves with you and is just brilliant not only in its 3D mesh creation but also in the actual texturizing.

The hunt gift from OPOPOP is a lovely hoodie and just looking at it you can already feel what the fabric would feel like on your fingertipps.  Very nicely done and comfy.

The mesh fingernails with the Eifel Tower on it are the Jamman hunt gift!
And again – a real benefit of mesh… the nails actually move with your fingers instead of floating around your hands like it used to be with prims. :D

To visit OPOPOP Mainstore inworld:

To visit Jamman Jewels and Nails Mainstore inworld:

Excuse My French Hunt – Sakide Hunt Gift

Today is THE day! The Excuse My French Hunt has started.
If you are still wondering whether to take part or not…. YES, you need to!!! :-)
This is the Sakide hunt gift. A full outfit consisting of a sexy short shirt, lovely skinny pants and very cute ballerina shoes – and all in two color versions (pink and blue).  You simply haaaaaave to get this. It’s awesome. A little retro, a lil witty and over all very fresh and sexy!

P.S.: The skin in the picture is from the hunt too! Check out the other posts. ^^

Sakide Mainstore inworld: