* Maitreya Sale *

Yes, you did read the headline correctly…… Maitreya has a sale on until July 17th! Who could resist popping in and stocking up on lovely mesh dresses….and …well… lots of lovely things! The sale has both mesh and non mesh items and has up to 70% off!

Top image: Maitreya MESH Mignon Dress (6 sizes) Turquoise L$235

Bottom image: Maitreya MESH Mignon Evening Dress (6 sizes) Wine L$200

Classic Hathaway Style by coldLogic

I admitt I am not entirely sure why this dress is called “Hathaway” but I do assume its because of the actress Anne Hathaway. It’s a gorgeous dress and looks just like something she would wear. :-)

Unfortunately the dress is not free, but I so fell in love with it that I just HAD to get it. I wasn’t sure about the color at first but now I think I made the perfect choice. The dress is 375 L$ at regular price. coldLogic is having a 50% off sale ending Febuary 10th 2013 – so I only paid 188 L$. It’s a wonderful spring or summer dress with a necktie and a generous open back. The belts join into one piece in the back with nice details.

Teleport directly to: coldLogic – Mainstore

Free Mesh Dress – Coco Group Gift

This simply but oh so lovely shirt is a group gift by *Coco* Designs. It’s lovely to be worn and a great every day mesh dress. Unfortunately it only comes in one size – so you might need to tweak your body shape a little to make it sit properly. But it’s surely worth the effort! :-)
The group is currently free to join – so don’t hesitate to pop by and pick up your freebie!

To join the group: *Coco* Update Group
To get to the store: *Coco* Designs

Ricielli – Valentine’s Hunt

Time to get out your hunting skills again. Ricielli is having a great Valentine’s Hunt and all the items featured in the picture can be hunted with only 15 Lindens per item. 20 High quality fashion items for 15 L$ makes a splendid total of 300 L$ in all.
Honestly we all spend much more on a single item in the course of our SL life. :-D
Clothing, shoes, skin…. all for 300L$ what else can a girl ask for.

Ricielli still has the hunt items out of the past two hunts – and you don’t even have to look for them to collect them one by one – they are all sitting gathered in one room for you to be purchased. Again for 15 L$ per item. See below the past two board and pics for the hunts. Seriously, this is a great bargain. Pick up your favourites in time before they are gone!

Ricielli Christmas Hunt
Ricielli Charming Hunt

Teleport directly to Ricielli mainstore: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ricielli/124/189/27

Petites Avatars – Adorable Tiny Mesh Avis

Petite on a Swing

When I first heard of mesh in Second Life, I was just downright puzzled. “It moves” I was told and I thought: “So what?”.
These days I am a lot more convinced about mesh but not to the fullest extent. I don’t need mesh for everything. It’s really sometimes easier to let some things be classic prims with mod rights.
However – the one thing mesh is really, really great for are avatars made of that. Mesh allowed the birth of Petites!

For those of you that have not seen Petites yet – they are tiny avatars… about as high as ur knee and they still move naturally and smoothly. No edges to the joints or anything and u can still run your AO wearing them.
I don’t want to go into detail how it works – cause that still puzzles me a bit – but want to mention that something made of mesh is an object.

That means you cannot alter a mesh avatar – tho it looks human – as you could with your normal avatar. You cant just put a tattoo layer on and off or wear any clothing you like. The mesh avatar either comes with it or does not. You are basically substituding one object part with another then.

Ballroom Petites...

There are currently only a few creators out there that create mesh petites.
Here are some of them:
Fallen Gods Inc.:


Al Vulo:




Mesh Bunny Avatars for 50 Linden only – Cutest EVER ;-)

Party Bunnies!

These bunny avatars are fully made of mesh – and they are great! ^^ It’s a one piece mesh attachment and I just love the way the little body moves. Its really the cutest sight ever to see them actually wiggle their butts while they dance! *lol*

You’ll find the bunnies in the entrance area of Beetlebones Mainstore in a Gatcha Machine for only 50 Linden. (Gacha simple means you have no idea what color bunny you’ll get. Luck of the draw. Check it out. They are all lovely, I promise!) :-)

Mesh Bunny Avatars just 50 Linden Gacha Surprise Pack at Beetlebones Mainstore: