Freebie Clothing at Magi Take

Magi Freebies

Have you ever asked yourself why some creators demand tons of Lindens for their items while others are very moderate in their pricing? Or even weirder – why we consumers don’t value a excellent freebie not nearly as much as something of the same quality that costs an almost insane amount of Lindens?


Freebies @Fabulous Fashion TV Studio

These Freebies were found by Monte Teardop – a very witty freebie huntress with her own SL Freebie group on SL. Search in groups for “*FreeBox*” and get yourself added. :-)

When you enter the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio you will find a display on the left side with the latest Freebies from the last Fashion show. The Freebies are by different Designers. Have a look at the pictures to get an idea what you can expect. Yay.

Freebie Dress & Jewelry

Freebie Babydoll with Shoes

Freebie Necklace

Freebie Necklace & Earings

Freebie: Suit, Scarf, Bracelet

Freebie Ballarinas

Freebie Dress

Freebie Outfit & Shoes


I believe that the Freebie selection there changes frequently. So, if you want any of these specifically you might want to go soon to be in time. :-)

To visit the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio in World go:

Freebies: Hello Kitty Shirt & Hot Short Jeans

Freebie Shirt & Shorts

Gee, sooner or later I really should stop looking for freebies – but then… why? :)
As I am in SL for a little over two years now, I do have to admitt, that the quality of freebies has gotten so much better and so much more exciting. If you take ur time gathering them up you can enjoy Second Life without having to spend a fortune. (Though spending money is fun in SL. Needless to say.)

I gathered the shorts at .:*WAvE.:* and got the “Hello Kitty” shirt by -= Black Widow =- (Danielo Back) on Hot, sexy and cute.

Freebie Shirt & Shorts

Visit .:*WAvE.:* in world:

Free Dresses by Addoro Design

Freebie: Dress by Addoro

Who said that dressing nicely on Second Life needed to be expensive?
Trust me, Second Life fashion is always worth a little hunting. You might find great stuff that you did not expect to find. These two dresses I picked up at Addoro Designs and guess what? For freebies they are absolutly smashing.

Freebie: Dress by Adorro