Sexy Formal Wear by Azul – Calypso Dress


I got a wedding invitation and midge made me all nervous about the right thing to wear. So I did some in time looking and took a personal male shopping advisor with me. :)
Not a bad idea to take a guy with you with an impeccable taste in fashion.
We went to Azul and this is what he suggested: Calypso!
The dress is lovely made – flirty, light and yet sexy. The opal version has a little color gradient in it so it’s not just uni colored and glistens in the light while moving.

The Calypso Gwon is 1000L$ – so no bargain, but worth the prize! :D

Nyte’N’Day-Dessous Set: Filigree in Pink

Nyte'n Day Dessous - Friligree (Pink)

Looking for new lingerie in Second Life? Then you should take this cute corsage set into consideration. (It also contains matching garters and stockings.) It was created by Nyte Caligari – SL fashion designer and owner of “Nyte’n Day”. The set can be bought as single color version or as fat pack containing several color options.