Cool Accessoires by Loka Design

Accessoires by Loka Design

Last time I visited Loka Design was over a year ago, so naturally it was about time to pay another visit. ;) Loka has all kinds of different stuff and among a small but very special jewellry/accessoire section. One of the things I still like are the lip piercings for couples. One partner gets to wear a mini locket and the other the matching key. Really, really cute partner piercings for 123 L$.


Freebies @Fabulous Fashion TV Studio

These Freebies were found by Monte Teardop – a very witty freebie huntress with her own SL Freebie group on SL. Search in groups for “*FreeBox*” and get yourself added. :-)

When you enter the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio you will find a display on the left side with the latest Freebies from the last Fashion show. The Freebies are by different Designers. Have a look at the pictures to get an idea what you can expect. Yay.

Freebie Dress & Jewelry

Freebie Babydoll with Shoes

Freebie Necklace

Freebie Necklace & Earings

Freebie: Suit, Scarf, Bracelet

Freebie Ballarinas

Freebie Dress

Freebie Outfit & Shoes


I believe that the Freebie selection there changes frequently. So, if you want any of these specifically you might want to go soon to be in time. :-)

To visit the Fabulous Fashion TV Studio in World go:

Happy Valentine’s Day

Wedding RingWell, look ladies, what I got for an early Valentine’s gift. A very special ring! Yay.

Actually it’s a wedding set with and engagement ring, a wedding ring for him and a wedding ring for her. And this beauty I’m wearing is – go figure – the wedding ring.   

I got the ring the other day from my better half lost in the world of jewelry out there. So guys, if you ever are looking for something sweet and special for a wedding? This is definetly something you might want to give a thought or two.

This ring is available at JCNY Collection and almost fully customisable. The menu will give you the option to choose the color of the gems as well as the metal. A great ring that your love will love you for even more.

Link to the store inworld: