Freebies at Vanity Skin Fair 2011


Ladies, the Vanity Skin Fair has started and it’s running til March 6th. Make sure you get a chance to run by and take a look around. Be warned though: The region is ususally full and lags like mad. So, be patient and take off everything (e.g. AOs, Hair and other attachments) you dont need. They won’t rez anyway and you’ll be grey to everyone else anyhow – so why bother adding to the lag? :-)
Curious what freebies to expect? Then continue reading! ^^

Sexy Black Dollarbie Dress by Vidal Fashion

Freebie Outfit & Freebie Skin

Just as criminals always return to their crime scene – fashion junkies do just the same. So yes… I returned to Vidal Fashion and picked up some new Outfits for my endlessly growing wardrobe. A Black Sexy Freebie Dress, a Silver Sexy Cocktail Dress and a very nice Bikini. (Not to forget the fabulous Freebie Skin I picked up along the way.)